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Digital nomad visa

Portugal Digital nomad visa

Portugal's Digital Nomad Visa, introduced in October 2022 by the Portuguese government, presents a remarkable opportunity for non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals. This program allows individuals to secure temporary residency in Portugal while embracing a remote work lifestyle from this captivating European destination.

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa encompasses two distinct pathways, catering to diverse preferences:


1. Temporary Stay Path:

For those seeking an extended sojourn without the commitment of permanent residency, the Temporary Stay Visa is an ideal choice. With a validity of one year, this visa can be extended for an additional two years, affording you an exceptional three-year total stay. A noteworthy feature is its flexibility – you can make multiple entries and explore not only Portugal but also other enticing European nations.


2. Residence Permit Route:

Should your aspirations involve an extended stay exceeding a year, the Residence Permit Route is designed to accommodate your desires. It's important to note that your initial Temporary Resident Visa has a four-month validity period. During this time, you must initiate the process of obtaining a Permanent Residency Permit. This permit, with an initial two-year validity, can be renewed for consecutive three-year periods.


A significant milestone arises after five years of residence in Portugal. At this juncture, applicants can be granted the choice to pursue a permanent residence permit or even take the momentous step toward Portuguese citizenship.

Time to residency

2 months

Residency requirement

Temporary Stay: Not officially enforced to stay,

Residence Permit: It is recommended to live for more than 6-8 months per year.

Established time

Program launched in 2022

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Application Requirements

To be eligible for the program, applicants must meet the following requirements:


1. Age Requirement: Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.


2. Clean Criminal Record: A clear criminal record is mandatory for application.


3. Employment Contract and Documentation: Applicants should provide evidence of their employment contract and relevant documents from their employer.


4. Minimum Income: The average monthly income for the past three months should be €3,040 (approximately 24,320 RMB).


5. Tax Documentation: Applicants need to provide proof of personal income tax payments for the past three months.

Program Benefits

1. Unrestricted Mobility:

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa opens the doors to visa-free travel and unrestricted movement across the Schengen Area.


2. Live, Work, and Learn:

As a resident, you're empowered to pursue a diverse range of professional activities independently. This visa also grants you access to Portugal's National Education Service, including schools and vocational training opportunities.


3. Comprehensive Healthcare:

Benefit from Portugal's National Healthcare system (SNS), which covers both primary and secondary healthcare needs, ensuring your well-being during your stay.


4. Pathway to Citizenship:

After five years of legal residency, you have the choice to apply for permanent residency or citizenship, offering an opportunity to become an integrated part of Portugal's vibrant community.


5. Reunite with Family:

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa allows you to bring your family members along. This includes spouses or partners, dependent children, parents, and minor siblings.


6. Tax Benefits:

Seize the advantage of the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) tax regime. This unique program provides tax exemptions or minimal taxation on foreign-sourced income, optimizing your financial situation.

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