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Overview Thai Elite Visa

Today, Thailand is already home to multinational corporations from all over the world and one of the most important tourist destinations in Asia. Thailand presents itself as a very attractive location for “work from anywhere” professionals. The Thai government has set the target of attracting one million wealthy or talented foreign residents into the country over the next five years. This program provides a range of tax and non-tax benefits to enhance the country’s attractiveness as a regional hub for living and doing business for ‘high-potential’ individuals.

Program Benefits

Time to permit

10 years

Visa-free travel

67 countries and regions

Passport rank

80th in the world

Residency requirement

Không có


No Import Tax

Established time

Initially launched in 2021

Application requirements

  • Wealthy Pensioners: Retirees aged 50 years and older who have annual pension or stable passive income.

  • Wealthy Global Citizens: Wealthy individuals holding at leat USD 1 million in assets.

  • Work-from-Thailand Professionals: Remote workers working for well-established overseas companies. 

  • IV Highly-Skilled Professionals: Professionals or experts in targeted industries working for business entities of higher education institutes or research centres or specialized training institutions in Thailand or Thai Government agencies. 

  • Spouse and children aged under 20 years old of LTR visa holders can also apply as dependants.

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Lợi ích của LTR Visa

  • Thời gian lưu trú lên đến 10 năm, có thể gia hạn.

  • Thủ tục xin visa và gia hạn visa đơn giản hơn.

  • Người thân (vợ/chồng và con cái) cũng có thể đi cùng và được cấp visa.

  • Được miễn hoặc giảm một số loại thuế thu nhập cá nhân.

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