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U.S. EB-1A Program

Employment-based Immigration

Program Benefits

Time to Residency

4-6 Months

Visa Free Travel

186 Countries

Passport Rank

6th In the world

Residency Requirements

No Residency Requirements


Tax System in USA

​Established Time

Scheme launched in 1990

Country Overview

The United States of America, is a nation of 50 states, covering the central part of North America. It is the world's third largest country in size. 


The USA is a foremost economic and military power. Its cultural imprint spans the world, led in large part by its popular culture expressed in music, movies and television.

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To obtain an EB-1A visa in America, you need to meet three of the following requirements:


1. At least two nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards.

2. Membership in at least two national or international association. 

3. At least two interviews in national or international mainstream media. 

4. Having been the judge of a journal/competition or a speaking guest at a conference at national or international level for twice at least. 

5. At least two original contribution, usually through publication (applied patents, industry standards, closed scientific research projects). 

6. At least five papers published in national or international academic journals with more than a hundred citations. 

7. At least two national or international exhibitions. 

8. Holding important position in well-known enterprises or organizations in the industry. 

9. Annual income over a million. 

10. Art works have earned more than a million commercial revenues. 

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