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Canada Federal Self-employed Persons Program

Canada Federal Self-employed Persons Program

The Canadian Self-employment program is a shortcut for cultural, sports and artistic workers to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence. Mainly suitable for those who have at least two years of self-employment experience in the fields of culture, art, sports, etc., willingness and ability to continue to work in related fields in Canada, and can make certain contributions to Canadian culture, art, and sport.

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Time to residency

Direct PR

Residency requirement

2 years in every 5 years

Visa-free travel

185 countries and regions


Worldwide taxation

Thứ hạng hộ chiếu

8th in the world

Established time

Program launched in 1976

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Canada Feredor Self-employed
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Application requirements

  1. To match the official occupation list, the NOC code must start with the number 5;

  2. Meet the official rating of 35 points (out of 100);

  3. Work experience: at least two years of self-employment experience in culture, art or sports related fields within the last five years and as the main source of income, the annual self-employment income in the last two years is not less than CAD 50,000 or the average annual self-employment income in the last five years is not less than CAD 50,000;

  4. Personal ability: Outstanding expertise in culture, art, or sports.

Program Benefits

This is a direct route to Canadian Permanent Residence status.

Compared with other Canadian immigration routes, the Federal Self-employed Persons program has lower threshold and faster processing time. 

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  • We forward citizenship planning. Globevisa provides services on immigration programs of more than 40 countries. From residence permit to permanent residency, and then finally gets down to citizenship, Globevisa is always at clients' service whilst acquiring status.​

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  • We help to relocate and strengthen family well-being. With the efforts of staff in offices located in different countries, we also enable family to reunite and settle down smoothly by providing warm reception and utmost assistance in family reunification.​

  • We assist in application for temporary visas. Even though clients only want to go for a business trip or a short journey, we can also give full support in document preparation and application submission, with ensured success rate and efficiency.

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