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Your Path to US Residency for $37K!


US EB3 Immigration Program

Are you seeking a lawful permanent residency in the USA through employment? Discover the EB3 immigration program, your gateway to a Green Card with our expert guidance.

Quality Employment-Based Immigration
The EB3 visa offers a chance for permanent residency in the United States through employment. Secure your future with us and expert immigration application process, sponsored by a U.S. employer.

The EB3 program usually allocates 40,000 slots annually, but the 2024 quota stands at a promising 46,046, with an entitlement of up to 10,000 for the EW category. Don't miss your chance to secure a place.

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Navigate the complexities of EB3 with our experts, ensuring a smooth journey to US permanent residency through employment.

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The US - EB3 Program
Work an Live Permanently in U.S. as Green Card holders with full-time, permanent employment

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Benefits of the EB3 program

1. US Green Card for the Entire Family
The EB3 program grants a decade-long US Green Card to the entire family, ensuring stability and multiple opportunities within the United States.

2. Employment Opportunities for the Main Applicant
Upon arrival in the US, the main applicant secures a job, ensuring a seamless transition into the American workforce and enhancing financial stability.

3. Work Permit for the Spouse
The main applicant's spouse becomes eligible for a work permit, contributing actively to the family's well-being and goals.

4. Education in the US for Children
Children under 18 enjoy tuition-free education in US public high schools, with significantly lower university fees than international student rates, promising a brighter future.

5. Exceptional Healthcare System
The US hosts a top-notch medical system, dedicating substantial resources to advanced medical procedures and healthcare services, spending an average of $12,554 per person in 2022.

6. Social Security and Welfare Policies
America's welfare policies excel globally, encompassing federal social insurance, unemployment benefits, and subsidies for low-income individuals, emphasizing resident welfare.

7. Pathway to US Citizenship
After five years as legal permanent residents, both the main applicant and family can pursue US citizenship, availing a globally-ranked US passport for visa-free access to 184 countries.

The EB3 program offers diverse advantages beyond residency, including educational opportunities, exceptional healthcare, and a pathway to US citizenship, ensuring a secure and prosperous future.

Advantages of EB3 Program: Seamless Path to US Residency

1. Low Eligibility Barriers
No educational prerequisites or work experience needed, eliminating investment barriers.
2. Unified Green Cards for the Entire Family
Obtain permanent green cards for the entire family in a single step. The main applicant can include their spouse and minor children under 21.
3. High Application Success Rate
With sponsorship from reputable employers, the program boasts an exceptional success rate, nearing an impressive 98% official approval rate.
4. Economical Investment, Remarkable Returns
Invest approximately $37,000 and reap substantial benefits. After acquiring the green card, the spouse gains employment flexibility, while children access top-tier education in the United States.

The EB3 program streamlines the path to US residency, offering ease, family inclusivity, high success rates, and exceptional returns on investment.


Eligibility and Requirements of the EB3 program


Main applicant

● Age between 18-50 years old

● High school degree or above, bachelor degree or below

● Having the basic communication skill in English (no language test need)

● Non-criminal record

● No infectious diseases or serious diseases

● Must actually work in the United States



● Spouse

● Unmarried children under the age of 17 when submitting Form ETA-9089

Workers with Name Tags

EB3 visa has three sub-categories: skilled workers, professionals and other workers (also called unskilled workers or EW3).

Employers in the US:

Employers in the US play a crucial role in the EB3 process by sponsoring immigrant workers and providing them with job opportunities.
US employers must prove to the Ministry of Labor that they have conducted extensive domestic recruitment before seeking foreign workers.
Employers must demonstrate financial ability to hire foreign workers for full-time and long-term work.

Application Process of the EB3 program

Check in at Greece Event

Contract signing with Globevisa

Therapy Session

Consulate interview


Apply for labor certification

Flight Board

Landing stage


Submit I-140 immigration petition

Working from Home

Start to work

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NVC stage (National Visa Center)

Step 4: If the applicant is currently in the US, they can file I-485 for AOS without returning to their  for interview.



  • We forward citizenship planning. Globevisa provides services on immigration programs of more than 40 countries. From residence permit to permanent residency, and then finally gets down to citizenship, Globevisa is always at clients' service whilst acquiring status.​

  • We guide on wealth management. Existing programs facilitating wealth management range over company registration, account opening and private banking. We not only try to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals, but also help achieve the goals of SME owners.​

  • We help to relocate and strengthen family well-being. With the efforts of staff in offices located in different countries, we also enable family to reunite and settle down smoothly by providing warm reception and utmost assistance in family reunification.​

  • We assist in application for temporary visas. Even though clients only want to go for a business trip or a short journey, we can also give full support in document preparation and application submission, with ensured success rate and efficiency.

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