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Grand Opening of Globevisa Hanoi Office

As the political and administrative center of the country, Hanoi provides unique access to the latest government policies, immigration regulations, and changes in laws relevant to immigration processes. Hanoi's strategic location near various foreign embassies and diplomatic missions offers a significant advantage for the consultancy firm. Direct interactions with representatives from destination countries can foster valuable relationships and insights into specific immigration programs, requirements, and updates. These diplomatic connections can position the firm as a trusted intermediary between clients and embassies, further streamlining the application process and providing personalized guidance to clients.

In addition to its role as the capital city, Hanoi serves as the headquarters for numerous local and international corporations. The city's reputation as a thriving commercial and financial hub attracts a diverse pool of professionals and business owners. As these individuals seek opportunities to expand their horizons and secure residency or citizenship in other countries, the immigration consultancy firm can leverage its location to cater to this clientele. By providing tailored solutions and expert advice on various immigration programs suitable for entrepreneurs, executives, and high-net-worth individuals, the firm can position itself as a go-to resource for the growing market of corporate clients in Hanoi.

As Vietnam continues to develop economically, there is a growing interest among Vietnamese citizens to explore opportunities overseas, whether for better education, career advancement, or improved quality of life. With this trend in mind, a consultancy firm in Hanoi can strategically tap into the market of individuals seeking to immigrate to countries in Europe, the US, or obtain a second passport for global mobility. By providing valuable guidance and personalized services, the firm can serve as a reliable partner to Vietnamese citizens pursuing their aspirations on an international scale. That's why Globevisa has made the decision to open an office in Hanoi.

(Left: General manager Jessica; Right: Representative Danny Nguyen)
Photo above is our Globevisa Hanoi Office team

Globevisa Hanoi office is in TMC Tower, 7th floor, Bach Dang Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City.

To give the best service and professional guidance, Globevisa Executive Committee has appointed Jessica Lam as the head of Hanoi team. Jessica is currently the country head of Globevisa Vietnam. She started working in Globevisa since the beginning of 2023 in HCMC. Within a six-months period, Globevisa HCMC office has signed more than fifty families' contracts including second citizenship, Portugal Golden Visa, Greece Golden Visa, US EB5, Canada SUV and Japan Business Visa. As commented by Henry, Globevisa CEO: "With her outstanding management and sales performance, I have strong confidence in Jessica to build another professional and responsible team in Hanoi to expand our service in Vietnam."

With the establishment of this second branch, we're doubling down on our commitment to boosting accessibility, extending top-notch service coverage, and solidifying our brand's impact in vital areas. As we progress, our intention is to continue this momentum by opening up more branches in the near future, making Vietnam out next biggest market in Asia." Globevisa Hanoi team has recruited professionals with experience from different industries like banking, real estate, education, immigration and so on. Talent’s pool is always a key factor in our high standard of service. And we welcome all clients and business partners to visit us at office or contact our office head Jessica by or our Hanoi representative Danny Nguyen by

Globevisa Vietnam hotline: (+84)936 484 686

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